Welcome to L.M.G.

Fondée en 1948, spécialiste dans la mécanique de précison la société LMG est reconnue dans les domaines de l'usinage, de l'assemblage et du contrôle de sous-ensembles mécaniques pour le Médical, l’Aéronautique et le Transport de gaz et fluides.

Founded in 1948, LMG The company is recognized in the areas of machining, assembly and control of mechanical sub-assemblies for medical, aerospace and transport of gases and fluids.

Specializing in small and medium series, LMG offers its production facilities to bring you:

Product quality

The realization of finished products

The globalization of your purchases

Rapid response to your requests for price

Our human structure is insurance for the mastery of your time, cost and inventory. Various services offered you can also:



Laser engraving


We offer you our qualified partners in surface treatment, heat treatment, grinding, and others to always satisfy you.

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